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Pimple Popper Lite app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 6176 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Arcade
Developer: Room Candy Games
Current version: 8.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Oct 2009
App size: 42.41 Mb

Happy weekend! You know, its the perfect time for something our Pimple Popper app! Youll be laughing and screaming at the same time! ;) Theres also nothing Lite about it because you actually get the whole game! Pimple Popper® is the MUST HAVE classic for your iPhone/iPod/iPad! See why Pimple Popper has hit #1 in over 80 countries! Use your fingers to squeeze and pop whiteheads, blackheads, full blown pimples, and scratch off crusty scabs. Plus you get 3 extra minigames to play so its a popping party in an app! YUMMY!

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1. 4 different pimple types: blackheads, whiteheads, full blown pimples and scabs.
2. 12 different faces/levels to pop. Tip: You can always replay the levels as the pimples will randomly reposition themselves.
3. Multiplayer mode! This must be our favorite feature. Play against your friends and family through Gamecenter.
4. Minigame #1 - Bubble Shooter. Match 3 pimply looking bubbles to pop them. See what we did with the popping theme? ;)
5. Minigame #2 - Memory Game. Looks easy at first, but gets challenging pretty quickly! How well do you know the sound fx in our game.
6. Minigame #3 - Glowing Circles. Use your fingers to draw circles around similar bubbles to make them gel together.

Are you still reading this? What are you waiting for? You could be playing the nastiest (but strangely fun) app ever invented!

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BTW, Its even more fun watching your friends play our Pimple Popper app because their reactions are always priceless - you just dont know if theyll laugh or scream. Either way, fun for all! :D

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Pimple Popper <3 You! Thanks so much for those of you around the world who have downloaded Pimple Popper Lite - we are so very grateful! Really! Also, the pimples on the faces change positions when you replay the app, so you can always replay the levels you have beaten!

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Pros and cons of Pimple Popper Lite app for iPhone and iPad

Pimple Popper Lite app good for

I really like this game because now I know how to pop pimple make new ones to Please
I love this game! But I have to say there is too MANY dang ADS!! I hate that every time I get on, there is a ad that pops up. Also every time you get off... you have to restart the level. NEEDS UPDATED!!!
Best game ever even though they have gooey things its still fun
i love this game because of its audio and visual effects . The thing i really dont like is all the ads. Otherwise , its a great game and i enjoy it .
Its fun I have it on all my devices. Who cares if theres quote on quote to many adds....... I love it

Some bad moments

I really would like to enjoy this game, but with the constant freezing, pop up ads and the game closing all of a sudden again.. And again it just taakes the fun out of this game! Also on stage four sometimes there arent even the required amount to pass the level...the ads thaat are always there are in an annoying plaace! So eveeytime i haave to restart the levels! IM GETTING TIRED OF THESE! Please fix these!
This game is alright but its lame disgusting and ads pop up every two seconds
ads pop up every second. the game freezes and then it goes out of the game every minute. also it is very difficult to actually pop the pimples. I will not at this game if these things r not fixed.
Would be good but its revolting and disgusting I wanna give 0 stars but I cant
Its okay but I keep geting these adds for pet hotel story like every 2 mins no joke! So fix that and if you cant try harder!!!! Fail game!
Every 2 minutes a f*ucking ad appear and take me out of the app Fix This S*it

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